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At the beginning of second half of the last century begins a developing of a new area of human interest, a new scientific discipline which should help designers in different branches. Computer graphic. On its base started a development of new systems for automatics designs. First developed CAD systems included quantity of instruments that in considerable way increased efficiency of designer’s work. Computer graphic started extensively affecting all human activities branches. With the development of technical means and digital image processing begin development of other computer graphic spheres as discrete graphics, computer vision, cybernetics based on built-in camera systems. These lead to birth of “technologies” for controlling personal computer by eye movement, 3D reconstruction, automatic systems control as robots and cars arms with the help of information obtained from built-in camera systems etc. Despite the relatively extensive time demand of such systems creation their main problem is to guarantee accuracy or faultlessness but also to find such a suitable sale strategy to be able to split fixed cost to volume of output. Our company sphere of interest is application of built-in camera systems for quality control in industrial production. You can find out more in the following paragraphs.

About us
Our company specializes in creation of application of intelligent camera systems. Product control with the use of camera systems is efficient and reliable. Unlike company staff control there is no tiredness influence or various judgments by different operators. Our typical tasks are e.g. presence and orientation of single parts control, size measurement, character and codes recognition (OCR, Data Matrix, Bar Code). We also deal with contactless precise product measurement where the contact can lead to deformation or surface damage. Used cameras contain sensors CMOS and CCD with resolution from 640 x 480, 1280 x 1024 pixels till mega-pixel resolution 2588x1958.

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